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Customise & Print Your Presentation Folders Online Easily


Folders are an essential tool in your sales arsenal. They are a highly effective branding tool and ideal for business meetings.

High-quality, full-colour offset folder printing available on multiple paper stocks and in various sizes. Folders have a right pocket with a business card slit. Different pocket options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the pocket options available for folders?

We have various pocket options: Glued Pocket, Loose Pocket, and Interlocking Pocket.

2. Is there an option to include a business card slit on my folders?

Your folders will have business card slits cut into the right pocket.

3. Which sizes of folders are available?

We offer presentation folders in six different size and pocket options:

  • A5 (159mm x 220mm-Glued Pocket)
  • A5 (159mm x 220mm-Loose Pocket)
  • A5 (159mm x 220mm-Interlocking Pocket)

  • A4 (215mm x 310mm-Glued Pocket)
  • A4 (215mm x 310mm-Loose Pocket)
  • A4 (215mm x 310mm-Interlocking Pocket)

4. Which paper stock do you recommend for folders?

We offer 2 paper stock choices: 300 g Natural Premium Offset or 300 g Glossy 2 Sides + UV High Gloss Coating.

5. Can you provide folder samples?

By ordering a free sample kit from our website, you'll receive a sample of our A5 folder. The kit also includes some of our most popular products such as business cards, flyers, postcards, greeting cards, bookmarks and much more.

6. What quantities can I order for folders?

We offer quantities of 500, 1000, and 2500. Should you need higher quantities, simple add more sets to your order.

7. What does bleed mean on my folders?

Bleed is the portion of the product that will be trimmed off when it is cut to final size. Since we print your product on an oversized sheet that gets trimmed down, we require that the images extend beyond the trim zone/line. That extra margin is what we refer to as the bleed, and is used to guarantee that you don't have white borders on your product when it is trimmed to size. Visit our Download Templates page and design your files on these templates to ensure you submit the correct bleed. You can also find more information about that important topic on our Preparing Files page.

8. Can you guarantee colour matching?

We guarantee up to 85% colour match, as per industry standard. We recommend limited usage of heavy blues and reds, simply because these are the hardest colours to match.

9. Which document sizes can be inserted into the folders?

Our folders are set up to perfectly insert flat A4 and A5 letterhead-sized documents. Further, the pockets can also hold other marketing materials, such as folded leaflets, flyers, bookmarks, etc. Include folders as part of your complete marketing materials.

10. Is it possible to print on the inside of the folders as well?

We provide full-colour front and full-colour back printing on our folders. Your folders can be beautifully designed inside and out!