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Trifecta Pearl With Kanvas – Triple-Layered Ultimate | GotPrint
New Kanvas Banner

Introducing our new 650 g Trifecta Pearl With
Kanvas Texture paper stock

This luxurious paper stock with its
canvas-like texture and pearl center is
the newest addition to our Trifecta
paper line. It's just another way to
ensure that your prints are so palpable
that the impression they leave behind
will be everlasting. Reach for a new level
of originality by printing your cards on
our 650 g paper stock with an exquisite
tactile finish.

Trifecta Pearl With Kanvas

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The 650 g Trifecta Pearl is a triple-layered stock with a creamy middle layer and a Kanvas texture on each side. This thick paper owes its high quality look and feel to its Solar White surface. The pearl middle layer is thicker than the two white layers combined, creating a sleek and bold look that is sure to stand out.

Completely unique in look and feel, your cards will impress when printed on our 650 g Trifecta Pearl with Kanvas Texture: subtle yet sophisticated, sturdy yet elegant.

Other Trifecta Options

Triple the layers, triple the impact

Effective marketing tools should do more than simply display a message or your contact details. With that in mind, we came up with our Trifecta – Triple-Layered Ultimate stocks, available in 460 g Green, 650 g Pearl, 700 g Black, and 700 g Red. With an elegant appearance and a tangible, smooth texture, these card stocks are sure to fit your business and marketing needs. While Trifecta Green, Black, and Red have a velvety smooth surface, the Pearl stock has a Kanvas Texture with a discernible consistency and artistic appeal.

With Trifecta, you can make triple the impact than with any ordinary paper on the market. Thick, durable, and most of all stylish, it's the obvious choice when you want to get noticed.